Spring in Scotland

Visiting and exploring Scotland at any time of year is an amazing experience and Spring is no exception.  Scotland bursts into life over over March and April with baby animals being born and a plants turning green again and flowers and colours appearing all around. 

Along with the better weather comes many events and festival for you to enjoy, and many beautiful sights to see outdoors. 

Here’s some of the things we are looking forward to and think you will enjoy.

The Weather

You might be surprised to learn that summer isn’t usually Scotland’s best season for weather. April and May great for warm sunny and dry days. It is still Scotland so you will need to pack a jumper to be safe but you will avoid the midgies that are around in the summer.

The Great Outdoors

Scotland’s parks, forests and landscapes come to life during spring, providing a spectacular backdrop for photographers and our tours. Flowers are starting to bloom an array of vibrant colours, cherry blossoms are appearing around streets and parks, the skies are blue and there’s a general feeling of excitement in the air. It’s a great time so take one of our Scottish Day Tours to see mountains, forests, rivers and lochs.

The Wildlife 

Spring is a time of new life. Lambs being born, chicks hatching and other animals are coming out of hibernation. In Scotland you can deer, red squirrels, seals, puffins and even golden eagles.   Our driver guides can point them out. 

The Food

During Spring farmer’s markets start opening again throughout the country and there you will wide a large range of fresh, seasonable food and drink products for you to sample. Scotland is famous for its delicious seafood, including salmon.  You should also try locally grown in season fruit and vegetable and of course, haggis.

The Munros

With better weather and longer days, Spring is start of the munro bagging season. A Munro is the Scottish name for a mountain with an elevation of more than 3,000 feet and in Scotland there are hundreds for you to climb. So grab your walking boots and give one a go. 

The Highland Games

Highland Games around Scotland start taking place in May. They are a way of celebrating Scottish culture with bagpipes playing drumming, highland dancing, and competitions such as tossing the caber and tug of war. These are popular events in the country for visitors and locals are a great family day out.  Take a look at our day trip to The Royal Braemar Highland Gathering later in the year.

The Whisky

May is Whisky month, a month dedicated to Scotland’s national drink. During the month there’s always plenty of whisky themed activities to try which as festivals and distillery events.  Why not take the opportunity to sample a dram or two for yourself.

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