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Here you will find a list of our most asked questions


Are any meals included in the cost?


No, meals are not included in the cost of your tour. Meal stops are scheduled but at your own expense.


Is the cruise boat included in the cost?


No, Boat cruises on both Loch Ness & Loch Lomond are optional. Your driver can give you full details and arrange your tickets.


How long is the boat trip?


On both Loch Ness and Loch Lomond the cruise lasts approx 55 minutes.


Do the coaches have Rest Rooms/Toilets on board?


We are operated by Edinburgh Coach Lines Ltd and their large fleet of coaches allows us to be flexible with the coach size depending on demand. The full size coaches all have Rest Room/Toilets, but not the smaller size. In the summer months the Loch Ness tour always operates with a full sized, air conditioned coach with toilet facilities. The other tours can vary and we cannot guarantee a toilet will be available on the vehicle.


Are there comfort stops during the tour?


Yes, we make frequent stops during the tours, most of which have toilet facilities


Are the tours offered in other languages?


No the tours are in English (Scottish) only. However, we do offer a short written tour description in French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Chinese.


What time do the tours return to Edinburgh?


Loch Ness returns to Edinburgh at approx.8 pm. All other tours by 6pm


Will we be dropped of at the Hotel/Guest Houses when we return at night?


No, our policy is to drop off on-route through the town centre, however in most cases we are able to drop most passengers very close to their hotel. Your driver can discuss this with you on day of departure. Confirmed stops are in the West End, Princes Street and the top of Leith Street (where possible depending on roadworks).


Are children allowed on the coach?


We do not allow children aged 8 years or under to travel on our tours. Children must pay the standard full price ticket and occupy their own seat.


What if I am staying further out of the City?


Our pickup service is limited to city centre hotels and guest houses, however, you can find out about local transport in and around Edinburgh here: 


Do tours have a cancellation or change fee?


Our Magical Highlands Tour is subject to a 50% cancellation fee up to 4 weeks before departure and 100% cancellation fee within 3 weeks.  Amendments to all tours dates are subject to a £5.00 administration fee.




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