Answers to Your Questions on Visiting Scotland

Scotland is a beautiful little country that everyone should put on their list to visit. If you haven’t visited before, here are the answers to some of the questions you might have as to what to do and what to expect when you arrive.

There’s much more to Scotland than kilts and bagpipes with so many interesting places to visit and things to see and do. 

We have incredible landscapes and eye-watering lochs, ancient castles, amazing wildlife, vibrant cities, friendly locals and an unrivalled fascinating history. 

What Is There To See And Do In Scotland?

Whatever you like doing you can try it here in Scotland.  Sightseeing, shopping, eating, cultural experiences, castle hunting, whisky tasting, climbing, skiing and of course day tours. 

Our Scottish Day Tours can show you the highlights of our amazing country in one day.

How Long Should I Visit For?

A few days will give you a taster of Scotland but there’s enough to see and do for you to stay for a couple of weeks. Our country is small enough for you to stay one of our bigger City’s such as Edinburgh and explore the rest of the country from there. If you take one of our Scottish Day Tours it will give you and idea of the places you would like to perhaps spend more time in and our driver guides will be able to give you suggestions of more. 

When Should I Go To Scotland?

Anytime is a good time to visit Scotland with each season bringing something new to see and do. Everyone knows the weather here is changeable but summer is mainly warm with lots of festival to experience and people from around the world to meet. Spring brings new life to fields, trees, baby animals and xx and autumn has the most amazing light and colours to see. Whenever you visit a warm welcome is guaranteed – just make sure you bring some layers. 

What is the food like in Scotland?

With clear coastal waters and lochs, fertile lands and seasonal weather, Scotland produces some of the best, and most sought after, natural produce in the world. You can try Aberdeen Angus steaks, world-renowned seafood, cheese, tablet and of course whisky and haggis.  Scotland is also famous for it’s gin if that’s your favourite tipple.

Are The Scottish Highlands Worth Visiting?

Definitely! The Scottish Highlands make up the northern half of the country and is the Scotland of your picture in your imagination and see in your favourite films and tv programmes.  There’s nothing like seeing it in person. It has dramatic landscapes, romantic castles, lochs, munros and historic stories that will make your toes curl. Our driver guides are amazing story tellers and can tell you all about it. The area is very sparsely populated so you really do feel the enormity and wonder of the landscapes. Don’t forget to look out for Nessie – the loch ness monster and the locations were Harry Potter, Skyfall and Braveheart were filmed. 

No visit to Scotland would be complete without a Gray Line Scotland Scottish Day Tour.

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