Scottish Food Favourites

Scotland is famous for many things and our amazing locally produced food is one of them. 

Whether from the land, or the sea our Country has so much for you to try.

Here’s six of our favourites for you to try while you are visiting, start with breakfast.


Porridge is a great fuel to start your day and perfect to keep you going as you head off on one of our Scottish Day Tours. 

Highly nutritious and healthy porridge will give you energy 

Simplest make with oats and water or milk, you can top it off with whatever you like – you can try fruit, sugar, honey, cream or even a dash of whisky!

Full Scottish fry-up

After a big night our of as a holiday treat, a full Scottish fry-up is always a favourite.

Fried eggs, fried mushrooms, square sausage, baked beans, haggis, tattie scones, black pudding, grilled tomato with toast on the side. 

What’s not to love.

Scottish Salmon

Scottish seafood is regarded as the best in the world and our salmon is top of the list.

Known for its moist, smooth texture and rosy colour Scottish Salmon is a favourite around the world.

It’s best lightly cooked and served simply with pan-fried green vegetables. A great treat after a day exploring the Highlands with us.

Fish Supper

Fish suppers from a chip shop or chippy are extremely popular across Scotland. The main choice of fish for this meal is deep-fried haddock serviced with chips.

Depending on where in Scotland you are, this dish, best eaten straight for the wrapper may be served with “salt and sauce” vs “salt and vinegar”. You can pick your favourite but here in Edinburgh salt and sauce is the winner.


In the Scots language, “stove” means to stew something.

Our stovies are made up of potatoes that have been stewed with onions and meat – often corned beef or sausages.

A very traditional dish and comfort food stories are perfect on a cold day.


No Scottish food list would be completer with our national dish, Haggis.

While myth and many tour guides will have you believe haggis is an actual living, breathing animal, the sad truth is there’s no such thing as a friendly little haggis 🙂

Haggis is actually make up of a combination of minced sheep heart, liver and lung meat bulked out with oatmeal, onions, suet, seasoning and spices. It may not sound the most appetising, but once you taste it you will be looking for more.

Traditionally served with neeps and tatties, it’s now also popular deep fried with chips, on pizzas and even with nachos.

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