Lallybroch – It Exists!

Yes, it’s true!, Lallybroch from the Outlander TV series is real place and we can take you there!

As you know, Lallybroch is the ancestral castle home of Jamie Fraser, also known as James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser (JAMMF), Laird Broch Tuarach, Alexander Malcolm, Red Jamie, Mac Dubh, The Dun Bonnet and the man of all men!

It can be found at Midhope Castle just one of the fantastics locations on our Outlander Tour.

Midhope Castle, Lallybroch or Brach Tuarach, can be found on the Hopetoun Estate which is full of recognisable locations from the hit tv show.

The location is a working farm estate with residents living there, but, due to the popularity of the TV series and now the location, Midhope Castle do allow visitors.

Midhope Castle History

This Hopetoun estate covers a 6,500 acres of land with the castle found in the hamlet of Abercorn.

It was originally built in the 15th-century by John Martyn who was the Laird of the castle until his death in 1478.

It was then passed onto Henry Levingstone and eventually owned by Alexander Drummond of Midhope, the Master of Work to the Crown of Scotland. His job was to repair and maintain the royal palaces and castles for Scottish royalty.

In the 17th century the third Earl of Linlithgow, George Livingston, made major renovations to the castle before John Hope acquired it as part of the larger estate adding a courtyard.

By the 19th century, the castle thrived with a community living on it’s grounds.

Sadly, in the 20th century, the castle fell into decline and is derelict.

It still is abandoned today, but there have been lots of restoration work.

Outlander locations in Lallybroch / Midhope Castle

1. Midhope Castle Pathway
The path leading to Lallybroch
This is the iconic photo of Lallybroch. We first see this scene when Black Jack Randall and the Red Coats pay a visit in the flashback and again when Jamie returns home with Claire.
If you’re a big Outlander fan, this moment will give you the chills.

2. The Lallybroch Archway
This archway has featured many time in the Outlander series.
It’s where Jamie was flogged and where Claire looks out for Jamie who doesn’t come home from the raid with The Watch

3. Lallybroch Castle Steps
Do you remember Claire and Jenny sitting together in the spot?

4. The Dun Bonnet Cave
Another location that people don’t often hear about is the entrance to the Dun Bonnet cave that was filmed around here. The interior of this cave was filmed in a studio, but the outside can be recognisable.

Find out about all the locations we visit on our Outlander Tour.

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